Bauhinia Brand Tile Grout (MT-4)


Buahinia Brand Tile Gout is a mixture of cement, sand and additives of grinding aid, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration tiles, floor tiles and all sorts of stony construction materials.


[Advantages of the Product]

The traditional tile grout use mainly low grade cement and white cement mix together with color mineral powder and water, which in comparison, our product bears the following advantages:


Easy to Use, the quality is consistent

 The product has been formula to prevent inaccuracy and different varieties arisen;


Prevent for dry shrinkage, overcome powder coating problem

    The selection of high quality sand helps to strengthen the fineness of the product which prevents dry

    shrinkage and powder coating;


Strong adhesive strength, good resistance to leakage

    From physical point of view, the additives helps to increase the adhesive strength in between the

    cement , which minor the air content and increase the resistance to water leakage.


Neat and tidy, resistance to foggy weather

     The additives’ reaction to cement is resistant to mould


Selective samples and colors

     We offer a wide range of colors for selection, and can produce specialty upon   request.


[Tile Grout Color Sample and Ref. No.]

(Color may differ from actual product, for placement of order, please refer to actual product)

Canary (MT4101)   Onix (MT41004)   Pink (MT40201)  

Pale Green (MT40401)

Champagne(MT40701)   Sea Blue(MT40323)   Grey(MT40900)  

Black (MT40850)


[Different Types of Tile Grout]


Gap thickness (mm)

Resistance to leakage (MPa)

Super fine










[Volume Requirement Formula] 

* This formula is for reference only, construction loss not included

Kg per Meter Area  = [ (L+W) ÷ (L x W) ] x JD x JW x 1.7

L = tile length   W = tile width     JD = tile thickness

JW = average width of the seam




Performance of the tile grout can only take place 24 hours after the adhension of the tiles.


Clean the seams between the tiles to ensure that no water or tiny materials attach to the surface. Need to wet the tiles if holes are spread throughout the tile surface.


Tile grout is best performed in sunny days, with temperatures range from  5~35.



Pour adequate quantity of Bauhinia Brand Tile Grout slowly into a container with water while blending by electrical stirrer to achieve a good consistency thick liquid (ointment-like) .  Set aside the mixture for 3~5 minutes and stir the mixture again for 1~2 minutes ready to use.

(Be careful not to overblend, water usage depends on actual environment)




Use sponge or professional tools and press the tile grout cream from opposite angle until it is fully filled into the seams. Ensure the seams are all filled up;


Apply a wet sponge and wipe off the surplus from the tile surface right after the settings.  Avoid contacts with the seams;


After the tile grout is strengthen (depends on the weather, approximately 12 hours), use a wet sponge to clean the tile surface;


Clean immediately when use deep or black colors.




Avoid pressing, sunshine and rain on new applied surface within 24 hours;


Daily water curing and plastic cover within 72 hours for best performance;


Do not apply lime or alkali to tile grout for cleansing.


[Packing & Storage]


In bags – 25kg/bag


Keep in cool dry place


6 months store guarantee before unseal


[Technical Data]

Water Usage: 27~29%

Fineness: 100 kg/m3 (dry)

Performance Time: 1~2 hours

Setting Time: 24 hours

Shrinkage Rate: <0.3%

Temperature: 5~35


[Safety Notice]


Wear suitable protective clothing (Dust mask, gloves, etc.)


Wash eyes gently with water is contact is made accidentally.  Medical assistance may be necessary.