Bauhinia Brand Masonry Cement (MC-5)

Development of Masonry Cement

In the 60s-70s of U.K., Italy and various countries in Europe, masonry cement was used mainly for the production of plaster and related standards had been set up to ensure its quality.  With the rapid development of masonry cement and plaster products in China, many countries have produced these two products to meet the needs of the market.


Advantages of Bauhinia Brand Masonry Cement (MC-5):

Bauhinia Brand Masonry Cement (MC-5) aims to satisfy the requirements of users for brick wall, smooth finishing and decoration works. Raw material consisted of additives – grinding aids with advantages set forth as below:

1.   Easy to use. Just mix a fixed proportion of masonry cement, sands and water together.  No need to use extra material.

2.    Good Workability, easy to manage.

3.    Good water retentivity and good adhesive strength.

4.    The color of the masonry cement is lighter than ordinary plaster.  This would make painting easier.

5.    More resistance to chemical attack

6.    Our Masonry cement (MC-5) is tested in accordance with BS 5224: 1995 and ENV-413-1:1995 requirements.


1.    Select your required proportion, and weigh the related raw materials accurately.

2.    Our suggested formula (according to weight)

      For 5MPa smooth finishing 

      1 part - MC 5 masonry cement 

      3 part - sand dry

      Water usage depends on requirement; usually it is 60% of the masonry cement.

3.    Let masonry cement mix together with sand until the color is evenly mixed, then add some water until the mixture became plaster.  Wait for 5 minutes; stir the mixture again for usage.



1.    To obtain maximum performance from the mixture, it is important to ensure that the surface to which it is to be applied must be smooth, clean from oil, dust or loose material.  The area must be tidied up, we suggest to wet the surface before performance is carried out.

2.    During the performance, toss the mixture hard to the surface, to drive out air and to maximize the adhesion of the render.


Technical Data:

Compressive strength: 5 MPa @ 28 day

Fineness: 1000 kg/m3 (dry)

Adhesive strength : 0.65 MPa @ 28 day

Color: pale grey

Water Retentivity : ~ 90%

Water requirement: According to actual  ( water to cement: 0.60)

Air Content : ~12%

Performance : 1~2 hours

 This product is suitable for environment between 5~40.



Keep in dry place and protection against rain and moisture.



In 45 kg/bag


Health and Safety Notice

1.    Wear suitable protective clothing (dust mask, gloves etc.)

2.    Wash eyes out generously with water if contact is made accidentally.  Medical assistance may be necessary.