Macau Cement Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (MCM) is a large enterprise producing our own brand "GOLD CARP" cement with an annual production of 600,000tons. The plant is located in Ka-Ho, Coloane, Macau, covering 111,240m2 of land. MCM had its own pier with capacity of one million tons, with 9,000KW/hr. generators in the power station, as well as the grilling mill from FCB, France, and bulk cement conveyor and storage systems provided by Germany.

In 1983, CITIC Group started her investment in MCM, and finally become the largest shareholder.  Under the management of CITIC Group, the company developed its business steadily. MCM have achieved the production certificate from the Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau, which is under the supervision of the Macau SAR Government.  At the same time MCM have also attained the technical certification  from the Laboratory of Hong Kong (HOKLAS).

Our ¨GOLD CARP〃 brand cement have achieved the compromise from end-users. MCM keeps in pace with the development of the Macau economy.  The population of Macau is over 600,000, and the high storey buildings have reached more than one million sq.m.  Our annual sales quantity has increased from 220,000 tons to 600,000 tons.  MCM has participated in huge construction projects, such as Nam Van Lake construction, the Amizade Bridge and the Macau International Airport etc.

In Hong Kong, we have explored the market through our subsidiary, Continental Cement & Gypsum Co. Ltd. MCM have achieved the reliance from various huge constructors in Hong Kong.  MCM have participated in the Hong Kong construction projects, such as Time Square, the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong as well as the New Hong Kong International Airport etc. 

Under the economic reform policy of China, ¨GOLD CARP〃 brand cement have also imported to the Special Administrative Regions like Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Shantou, etc. for projects such as first flyover in Shantou, Nuclear Power Plant in Shenzhen Min Chu Kuai Yuen, and the Zhuhai Kong Pei Border New Immigration Building etc.

Apart from producing cement, MCM has also invested in the concrete business. In Macau, we own Macau Concrete Co. Ltd., in Hong Kong, we established Hong Kong Concrete Co. Ltd. with partners from Taiwan and China.  We penetrate our business through our Hong Kong office, Continental Cement & Gypsum Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou for four companies, namely Guangzhou Five Ram-Continental Cement Products Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Kin Keung Concrete Co. Ltd., Guangdong Yong Tai Concrete Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Tin Tat Concrete Co. Ltd. as well as one company in Beijing  Beijing Litian Concrete Co. Ltd.